Enterprise Protection

Detect Malicious File Activity and Prevent Organizational Compromise

CyberMerlin’s patent-pending technology detects problematic files and associated activity (i.e. polymorphic malware and malicious code). The solution identifies problematic files and associated pattern matches and heuristics of malicious activity, and issues an alert and report before the Enterprise has been infected and compromised.

The Problem

Organizations are exposed to malicious activity from hacktivists, nation-states, and rival corporations. The goal of hackers no longer is merely to simply disrupt the enterprise network, but to engage in financial data and intellectual property theft. Today’s malware is target-specific, stealthy, and able to evade typical signature-based defenses. Malware, in and of itself, is merely the tool for the collection and exfiltration of data.

Your Solution

CyberMerlin’s patent-pending technology proactively detects custom malware and zero-day attacks by finding unknown and problematic files and identifying patterns and heuristics of malicious activity. CyberMerlin consists of a proprietary database that proactively searches for malicious code and zero-day viruses that typically go undetected via circumvention (i.e. embedding via steganography or polymorphic activity). CyberMerlin’s hashing algorithms ensure that detection is not circumvented and that illicit files and polymorphic malware are identified – before they wreak havoc on enterprise networks.