Our Company

Our Story

Who We Are

Key CyberSecurity was founded in September 2013 by a team with extensive experience providing security solutions and systems management capabilities to corporate customers. Having worked closely with some of the largest, most carefully managed enterprises in the world, Key CyberSecurity’s founding team understands the specific challenges and constraints that must be addressed to keep large network environments running smoothly.

Key CyberSecurity believes that entrepreneurship is the spirit within an individual. When given the opportunity to realize an entrepreneurial dream via funding and partnership, that spirit becomes a privilege. The endeavor must be nurtured with hard work, honesty and integrity. Only then can success be realized. This creed proliferates from the founder to the company and permeates every essence of the corporate culture. Key CyberSecurity was founded to create an environment of success and profitability with a foundation of ethics and the pursuit of a noble trade. The company mission is to provide value that customers realize and make a social impact that affects everyone within the cyber and real world communities, respectively.

What We Do

Key CyberSecurity develops Enterprise Scanner Solutions to safeguard your most sensitive files and to protect your company’s reputation. Our mission is to proactively identify malicious threats that circumvent traditional cyber security safeguards. CyberMerlin is an enterprise Specialized Threat Assessment and Protection (STAP) solution that pro-actively identifies known and unknown problematic files and associated “bad actor” activity on networks and via associated devices (smart phones, tablets, external hard drives).

Why We Built CyberMerlin

Laptop_CyberMerlinThe current, evolving  landscape of threats has dictated an equally effective arena of countermeasures and safeguards. CyberMerlin is a Specialized Threat and Protection (STAP) solution that offers improved security posture due to the deficiencies of other solutions such as content filters, malware analyzers and anti-virus. CyberMerlin catches what other solutions miss and proactively ensures the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the enterprise system.

Our Leadership Team

The Executive and Advisory team has deep capabilities and competencies, bring strategic thought leadership to the areas of cyber security, information assurance (IA) and information security (INFOSEC).

Shawn Key, Founder and CEO

Shawn-Keys-Key-CyberSecurityShawn has a passion for life and an equal passion for the work in technology that he pursues. His desire to both work hard and play hard evolves over time as cyber threats are ever changing and his company and product focus strengthens to provide accurate but simplified solutions to dynamic and difficult problems. High energy may be an understatement in describing this founder and CEO, Shawn’s enthusiasm in the cyber industry and efforts in partnering with those who have shared interests is always present and often even palpable. He is present in addressing what is now and anticipating what is to come, always valuable insight for an entrepreneur.